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Smart Agr IoT

Farming-As-A-Service For Smallholder & Cooperative farmers

Farm Digitization And Management

Farm Digitizan And Management

Crops, Fishing And Livestock.

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Farming-As-A-Service (FAAS) In Agriculture We make it easy for any farmer to start utilising the land and start farming.

Farmers do not require huge capital budgets, no training requirements, and NO NEED to know how to use the technology. We offer turnkey services across the Agri value chain, designed by actual farmers who understand the business. Farmer can have access to the PLATFORM from anywhere on a Pay As You Go basis. We hand hold each and every farmer from the beginning to end.


We assign each farmer to a Solution Manager or an Extension officer from the beginning of your farming season to the end and beyond. We design and capture your fields, analyze soil, select crops and plan yields. Monitor temperature,weather,humidity, diseases.

Crop Or Livestock Management

Manage all aspect of crops and livestock until harvest. Services to farmers are on a turnkey software as a service. We utilize multiple artificial intelligence based technologies that are applicable to each farm.

Customer Marketing

Manage all aspects for farming, including finance, marketing, processing, production, logistic, packaging and invoicing. We manage the farming cloud and store all the data making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

Warehousing & Distribution

Process, Package, warehouse, transport distribute, export to customers. We manage all aspects of farmer chain and provide full visibility via the farmer's mobile device.


The starting point for a world without poverty and hunger, is the rural world. An estimated 3 billion people – around 40 per cent of the global population – live in the rural areas of developing countries. Most depend on small, family farms for their income and sustenance. Rural people grow the food that feeds their nations, but they are also disproportionately poor: 80 per cent of the women, children and men living in extreme poverty live in rural areas, not cities. Investing in rural people is a long-term solution to so many of the problems we face today. Hunger, poverty, youth unemployment and forced migration – all have deep roots in rural areas; and all can be vastly improved through investing in small-scale agriculture and inclusive rural development


We show the weather forecast for 5 days with an accuracy of 2 kilometers.[...]

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Nutritional Technology

Tissue Test We have discussed the invaluable tech that governs your moisture levels in your fields as well as tech that monitors your yields and feeds back information to farmers in a very specific wa[...]

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Irrigation Tech

Rainfall Any successful farmer will tell you that striking the right balance of water in your fields is the key to achieving a consistent and healthy yield. Historically, a crude rain gauge would be u[...]

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Monitoring Tech

Yield When all of your farming practices have been completed over the year, it all culminates in your yield or total output. On a very rudimentary level, every aspect of your farming has built towards[...]

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Farming Tech to Improve Agronomy

Precision Farming Precision farming has revolutionized the way we produce crops and farm as well as our understanding of farming in general. Using precision tech has helped farmers reach a level of pr[...]

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Crop Monitoring

SmartAgriot now offers service to both commercial and small holder farmers that allows them to manage their farms using a smartphone.[...]

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Agri Training

In engaging with the farmers, we promote effective agricultural training for the benefit of the farmers. Our teams that are assigned to each farm will work with the workers to ensure understanding of [...]

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Drones In Agriculture

Now drones can be used to manage all aspects of agricultural farming.  Smartagriot provide this as a service[...]

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We are connecting systems that employ drones, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), vertical farms, artificial intelligence (AI), and solar energy. We are connecting co-operatives, small holder farmers[...]

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Artificial Intelligence based Technology For Farming Community. what it means to alleviate hunger, water shortage, global warming, create employment, provide food for all.


Agronomist, accountants, technologist, supply chain specialists, administrators, and project managers. We assign a dedicated resource to each farm on a full time basis. Some resources are ONSITE whilst others are VIRTUAL working and hand holding the farmer from FARM TO HARVEST. The farmer is trained on the job on a one on one using the LIVE platform.

Non Exec Chairperson


Non Exec Chairperson

Non executive Agronomist

Dr. Patricia Mokoena


Director & Founder


Director & Founder

Precision Agriculture


Precision Agriculture Specialist


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