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Drones In Agriculture

Now drones can be used to manage all aspects of agricultural farming.  Smartagriot provide this as a service

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We are connecting systems that employ drones, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), vertical farms, artificial intelligence (AI), and solar energy. We are connecting co-operatives, small holder farmers with commercial farmers. We make it easy for the farmer to realize their farming dream at the end of the cycle – TO HARVEST. We HAND HOLD each farmer […]

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  Agricultural finance: demand and supply. There are no precise numbers on the demand for agricultural finance. A very rough estimate by Dalberg Development Advisors (2012) suggests that demand may be as high as $450 billion in financial services ($225 billion in short-term finance and $225 billion in long-term finance). The percentage of smallholders with access to finance is equally difficult […]

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Our SAAS software lets the farmer (small holder or commercial)  plan, monitor and analyze all farming activities easily. Tillage, planting, spraying, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and all other activities are managed with a few clicks. Quick to onboard and start using the software. Keep your farm records and all farming data in the cloud. Get real-time […]

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About the Manufacturing Distribution Marketing   About Using IOT technology for Seed processing Grains & Cereal milling Consumer Product processing Beverage processing Crops processing Across the value chain, from farming to processing handover, we ensure integration of the Agri business process.  

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The smartlogistics is a supply chain based on the technology of the internet of things which makes each step of the supply chain. We use technologies that can automatically record the entire supply chain of agricultural products in the flow – from production to final farmers. Each farmer will now be able to have the visibility […]

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Irrigation Tools

Our tools provide good irrigation system that identify how much water the plants need and can stop the flow of water when it reaches the precise depth. This will help farmers as it will promote crop health and productivity while reducing the usage of water the fertilizer, thus reducing the soil contamination.

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Farm Management

Many small holder farmers can now benefit from the services of SmartAgrIoT, that allows them to use the technology across the farming value chain without having to pay for it upfront. This is called rendering farming as a services.  Farmers need not understand or be trained in using this technology as SmartAgrIoT provides Agronomist, and […]

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