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Monitoring Tech


When all of your farming practices have been completed over the year, it all culminates in your yield or total output. On a very rudimentary level, every aspect of your farming has built towards this very simple overall goal.

Yield monitoring technology takes into account all of your farming methods and then monitors your results. These go way beyond telling you what yield to expect year on year and dive deeper into the processes that contribute to your overall yield.

Essentially, at the end of each growing season, you will have lots of information keyed into your database. Information such as soil condition, whether you used full-till, strip-till or no-till practices. How much rainfall your fields accumulated during the growing season. The condition of the ground at outset during your planting season. How much fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide was used. The list is almost endless!

The monitor then creates a full map of your farm, showing where your yield was best and highlighting areas that can be improved on. It tells you how much was spend on various farming practices and whether those practices were detrimental in lower yield areas of your farm. It pinpoints with accuracy where and how you can improve your growing season for the next year.

When the second year has been completed with changes made, you will notice two things, one that your yield has improved across your farm, and two, the system has again created a map highlighting areas for improvement. It is such a simple system, but it is worth its weight in gold for farmers looking to increase output, reduce costs and expand their farming enterprises.

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