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wine with space data

Making Quality Wine

During a growing season, the maturity and quality of grapes vary across a region and within a single vineyard. Winemakers carefully monitor the grapes throughout the season to determine when nutrients, pesticides and additional water should be applied to optimize growth. As the harvest nears, the winemakers examine grapes for signs of maturation and sugar content to select the precise time for picking. Vines are even categorized by grape quality and assigned to specific barrels/tanks in anticipation of the wine they will yield.

Winemakers and viticulturists rely on several tools to monitor crop health and fruit ripening, including handheld reflectance spectrometers, grape and other analyzers. At Smartagriot, we are able to collect spectral signatures of 20 grape varieties and derive numerous vegetation indices related to leafiness, maturity, Chlorophyll content and other indicators of vigor and grape quality.

“The handheld spectrometer, as every sampling procedure, is a time-consuming method of capturing data,” said Smangele Madlala, Founder of SmartAgriot

Smallholder growers find it impossible to use these tools as they are not affordable, and the resources required demand high salaries too.

This is where Smartagriot comes in. We engage with the smallholder farmers using a FARMING AS A SERVICE business model that allows farmers to pay as they go.