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Carbon Neutrality

What is Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutral Certification demonstrates your organization’s leadership and commitment to decarbonization and neutralization by meeting the requirements of our Carbon Neutral Standard. A carbon-neutral footprint is achieved when the sum of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced are offset by natural carbon sinks or carbon credits.

Define Subject and Certification Claim

We work with the applicant to define the subject of the carbon-neutral certification (e.g. company, product, event) and the claim to be made, whether carbon neutral is based on a commitment or achievement

Measure GHG Inventory

We consult with the applicant to determine the types of data required and collect the data needed to assess the greenhouse gas emissions for the 12-month assessment period. For a company-level certification, the GHG inventory shall include Scopes 1, 2, and relevant Scope 3 categories. For a product-level certification, a Life Cycle Assessment will be conducted to determine the product’s carbon footprint.

Develop GHG Management Plan

For the initial certification period, certification can be achieved solely through purchasing carbon offsets. In subsequent years, certification shall include a combination of reductions of direct Greenhouse Gas emissions
and purchase of carbon offsets. A documented Greenhouse Gas Management Plan to manage and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions of the subject shall be developed and maintained by the applicant.

Verify GHG Inventory

The GHG inventory and report shall be independently verified to a reasonable level of assurance by a 3RD party to ensure the inventory is accurate, complete, and conforms to the applicable Greenhouse Gas standard. we will provide an Assurance Statement which affirms conformance to the appropriate standard for the claim

Purchase and Retire Carbon Offset

Once the Greenhouse Gas inventory has been completed and verified, sufficient carbon offsets shall be purchased and retired by the applicant.

Carbon Neutral Assessment

The applicant will be eligible for Carbon Neutral certification for the qualifying assessment period if the retired carbon offsets match the GHG emissions inventory

Annual Certification Renewal

The carbon-neutral certification is valid for the 12-month assessment period. Maintenance of the carbon-neutral status is required on an annual basis.