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wine with space data

Making Quality Wine During a growing season, the maturity and quality of grapes vary across a region and within a single vineyard. Winemakers carefully monitor the grapes throughout the season to determine when nutrients, pesticides and additional water should be applied to optimize growth. As the harvest nears, the winemakers examine grapes for signs of […]

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Precision Agriculture

We use precision agriculture intelligence platform that help farmers monitor their fields, make informed decisions and ACT on them.  The tools that we use are bundled as a service that is offered to the farmers, large and small. Depending on the country, applicable technologies will be deployed that best work in that region. The technologies […]

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We show the weather forecast for 5 days with an accuracy of 2 kilometers.

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Nutritional Technology

Tissue Test We have discussed the invaluable tech that governs your moisture levels in your fields as well as tech that monitors your yields and feeds back information to farmers in a very specific way. Now we move onto the crops themselves and their overall health during the growing season. Soils and crops need a […]

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Irrigation Tech

Rainfall Any successful farmer will tell you that striking the right balance of water in your fields is the key to achieving a consistent and healthy yield. Historically, a crude rain gauge would be used at a single point on a farm that would give the farmers a bit of information about the rainfall on […]

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Monitoring Tech

Yield When all of your farming practices have been completed over the year, it all culminates in your yield or total output. On a very rudimentary level, every aspect of your farming has built towards this very simple overall goal. Yield monitoring technology takes into account all of your farming methods and then monitors your […]

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Farming Tech to Improve Agronomy

Precision Farming Precision farming has revolutionized the way we produce crops and farm as well as our understanding of farming in general. Using precision tech has helped farmers reach a level of profitability that was previously unheard of and created a vast industry that thrives with strictly calculated ROI, yield projections and cost reduction. Aside […]

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Farm Management

Many small holder farmers can now benefit from the services of SmartAgrIoT, that allows them to use the technology across the farming value chain without having to pay for it upfront. This is called rendering farming as a services.  Farmers need not understand or be trained in using this technology as SmartAgrIoT provides Agronomist, and […]

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