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Soil carbon is simply carbon that is found in soils. All soils contain some amount of carbon—remnants of living matter that have been degraded over time.

Sequestration refers to practices that can take excess carbon and store it somewhere. In the case of soil carbon, it is sequestered by those practices that put more carbon into the soil than is released through normal processes of decomposition.

Regenerative Forestry And Agriculture: Practices that can increase the amount of carbon in soils are actually common practices of organic and sustainable agriculture systems

Sustainable farming practices

  • Reducing the application of fertilizer
  • Managing the use of water – knowing when to irrigate or not
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Reducing soil tillage
  • Crop residue retention
  • Rotation of crops and knowing which crops to rotate
  • Covering your crops
  • Intercropping
  • Rotational or adaptive or multi-species grazing
  • Residue grazing for your livestock

Are you using any of the following on your farm?