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WHAT Carbon offsetting is the process of purchasing, and cancelling, carbon emissions credits equivalent to the carbon footprint of your activity, company, product or service. Once the carbon credits are cancelled (i.e. irredeemably taken out of circulation so that no-one else can claim the benefit of the carbon emissions reduction that they represent) you have […]

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Frequently asked questions about land ownership and demand in South Africa Researched by Liesl Pretorius and Gopolang Makou This report was written by Africa Check., a non-partisan fact-checking organisation. View the original piece on their website. 1. Who owns the land in South Africa? The department of rural development and land reform has released two […]

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carbon emission

There are three major gases that are influenced by human activities and that are of interest with respect to greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O). The concept of “global warming potential” (GWP or CO2e) has been developed to enable comparison of the ability of different GHGs to trap heat […]

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Cast your vote now for your favorite project at WSIS Prizes 2021 . VOTE AGRISELANA in the Agriculture category – e-Agriculture. DEADLINE: 31 MARCH 2021VOTE NOW. Link: https://www.itu.int/net4/wsis/stocktaking/Prizes/2021ITUUNESCOUnited Nations Development Programme – UNDP our project has been nominated for the WSIS Prizes 2021 –congratulations! Out of 1,270 submitted projects, 360 (twenty in each of the […]

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Drones In Agriculture

Now drones can be used to manage all aspects of agricultural farming.  Smartagriot provide this as a service

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Farm Management

Many small holder farmers can now benefit from the services of SmartAgrIoT, that allows them to use the technology across the farming value chain without having to pay for it upfront. This is called rendering farming as a services.  Farmers need not understand or be trained in using this technology as SmartAgrIoT provides Agronomist, and […]

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