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Nutritional Technology

Tissue Test

We have discussed the invaluable tech that governs your moisture levels in your fields as well as tech that monitors your yields and feeds back information to farmers in a very specific way. Now we move onto the crops themselves and their overall health during the growing season.

Soils and crops need a level of nutrition that is dependent on conditions across the entire growing season. From planting the seed to harvest there will be very different parameters and requirements a crop will need at different stages in order to provide the best yield.

In the same way that irrigation and rainfall monitors adapt in real time and supplement the soil with water, tissue testing monitors will evaluate the overall health of the crops and make changes to soil nutrient supplementation.

Again, this tech is fairly autonomous and will work independently of farmer input to a great degree. Nutrients like sulphur, nitrogen and boron are invaluable to healthy crop growth, the system monitors levels in the crop of these nutrients and either flags issues to a farmer or for more sophisticated high-end tech takes care of the problem itself.

All of these systems are readily available, integrate with one another and will give you a leg up onto the precision farming platform. While they may seem like an expense (as they are), the ROI on precision farming tech, especially the 3 systems we mentioned above is phenomenal. Not only do they make you money, but they also save you money by cutting down on unneeded expenditure and reduce your workload.

The reduction in workload is crucial, it enables farmers to concentrate on the business management of their farms and relieves the financial anxiety that previously was all too common in farming.